Delta Air Lines (Gevon)

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Delta Air Lines
Established 1965
Headquartered New Hong, Gevon
Hub airports New Hong International Airport
Lito International Airport
Ares International Airport
Focus airports Garamond International Airport
Patagon City International Airport
Assets R309,465,000,000 (est. 05/2007)
Company value R6,226,301,934,000 (est. 05/2007)
Employees 858,643 (5/2007)
Fleet size 482 (21 on order)
Destinations 120 (5 new routes proposed)
Loyalty system SkyMiles
Alliance OneWorld
Flight code DL
CEO William Green
CFO Andrew Higgins
Board Chairman Paul Walker
Slogan "Change Is:__________"
Quality of Service 4.5 Stars

Delta Air Lines is the Democratic Socialist States of Gevon's only airline, thus the national aircarrier. Delta markets as itself for international and most high traffic regular-cost domestic flights, but its two subsidiaries - Delta Shuttle and Delta Connection - provide low-cost short-range and charter flights, respectively.

Collectively, Delta is one of the top five global carriers by WORLD Magazine. In addition, the airline ranks amongst the global top 15 in terms of revenue passenger per kilometres according to the same magazine, and has been tied for the best service of any international carrier for 11 straight years.

One of Delta's well-publicised strengths is its first class service. The hook-line "we want to provide the best service you could ask for, without you having to ask" has been included in every first-class promotion since 2000, and as a result, passenger numbers in Delta's top-level flight class have risen nearly 185% in five years. Customer satisfaction also increased dramatically as a result of this ingenious marketing campaign.


[edit] Alliances

Delta Air Lines is part of the large OneWorld airline alliance which includes AirTypo (national carrier of Typophiles), Velenoria Airways, Trodonian Skyways and numerous other airlines. While the airline is part of a larger global cooperation containing airlines from across the world, Delta has private alliances with the following airlines:

  • Eagle Airlines (New Hong to/from Patagon City t/f Latagon City, Sinclair or Petersburg)
  • AirTypo (New Hong to/from Garamond, Helevetica or Palatino)
  • LoslakiaAir (New Hong or Ares to/from New Kilow or Petrov City)
  • HectAir (New Hong to/from Brutus or Voldokia)
  • Vladavia (Ares to/from Berkaterinesberg)
  • United Airlines (New Hong or Lito to/from Keynes FTD)

[edit] Destinations

  • Domestic: Osijek, Jubatov, Walcz, Arezzo, Zenica, Hielit, Trua, Bacau, Rijeka, Yorask, Berezina, Mendoza, Georgetown, Kingstown, Tamia, Ranzingen, Thule Major, Truijilo, Oporto, Podgorica, Tuzi, Niksic, Pristina, Valijevo, Zvornik, Konjic, Nis, Vrbas, Titov Drvar, Budimilç, Pijeulija, Guaneo, Tahomeni, Chumasheta, Paitona, Asfael, Dalanzadgad, Albarta, Gyllchurch, Oltenberg, Kossel, Wenk, Vree, Zwackau, Poireville, Neustett, Zreeland, Cembridge, Kolmbach, Capetown, Newmunster, Lomè, Bassari, Parakou, Zaria, Tânout, Sègou, Freetown, Bata, Caitou, Savate, Paarl, Graaff-Rienet, Queenstown, Kroonstad, Pretoria, Tzaneen, Petersburg, Jacinto, Mercoli, Covana, Hypatia, Narbos, Feria, Caetra, Epona, Palmira, Sabratha, Arakas, Moretum, Vindsal, Green Bay, Plata Nilane, Tolersara, Samonus, Rosetown, Joehen
  • International: Xi'an, Serekan, Keynes FTD, Garamond, Palatino, Helevetica, Cheelandia, Paradisio, New Sarium, Soccersia, Mason City, Petrov City, New Kilow, Evesham, Patagon City, Latagon City, St. Petersburg, Sinclair, Berkaterinesberg, Brutus, Voldokia, New Haven, Drymuller, Desmond, Westhaven, Lyon, Snowvahalia, Nevereia City, Hexamos, Phanavos, New Remus, Appollion, New Haven, Thule, Tagmatica, Tyne Valley, Nimarci, Miiros Central City, Paco, Ranke, Rekamgil City, New Delta, Alaghon, Rex Abysso, New Sparta, Hlondeth, Liberty City, Jinji, Hannar

[edit] In-Flight

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[edit] The Red Carpet Club and Delta SkyMiles

The Red Carpet Club is Delta's airport lounge. It includes 19 lounges in 15 major airports around the world. Club membership is available to the public for an annual fee, and includes access to all Red Carpet Clubs along with reciprocal access to all OneWorld member Clubs and Star Alliance Gold lounges when traveling on those carriers. Silver, Gold and Platinum members of SkyMiles are offered discounted membership options. The Club offers the best comfort and luxury before your flight, providing customers with restful relaxation pre-flight. The Red Carpet Club can be found in major hub cities like New Hong, Lito and Ares while other major club locations are in: Patagon City, Latagon City, Garamond, Soccersia, Brutus and many other major focus cities.

Delta SkyMiles is Delta's frequent flyer and loyalty program. Below are the classes and their specific benefits:

  • Bronze: This is the Entry Level. There are few benefits that are obtained upon confirmation of membership. Baggage limits are increased by several kilograms unlike other tiers, which get more allowance. You are required to fly 10 sectors and 10,000 miles before being able to upgrade to Silver.
  • Silver: If Bronze is basic, Silver is a major step up. Silver members are allowed to purchase a seat onboard a flight up to 48 hours before departure and give them priority on waiting seats for Business or First Class. Baggage allowances are increased, allowing them more baggage per person allowed without penalty. Silver members are required to have flown 30 sectors and 80,000 miles before being eligible for upgrade into Gold tier. Silver status members have a special check-in counter at all major hubs and focus cities.
  • Gold: Gold members on Delta are given high regards. It is hard to obtain the requirements but once you do, you will start to see the most impressive benefits any airline can give you. Gold members are given one-year free access to the Red Carpet Club and the allowance to bring one guest into the club with you. Gold members have a high priority to late booking for flights up to 24 hours before departure. Gold members are also allowed more baggage over the weight limit and have the ability to enter in the airline’s many special promotions and holiday specials. The requirements to reach Platinum status are intensely demanding, requiring you to have flown 90 sectors and flown over 500,000 miles. Once these are reached, upgrading to Platinum is possible.
  • Platinum: Platinum is the top tier of the SkyMiles Frequent Flyer Mileage Program and very few have reached this level. At this level, everything possible is open to you including top priority upgrades into ether Business or First Class onboard flights, special priority check-in, 100kgs extra baggage over the limit, lifetime free access to the Red Carpet Club plus the ability to bring two guests into the club for free.

[edit] The Fleet


  • 102x Boeing 757-200
  • 50x Boeing 767-400ER
  • 48x Boeing 737-900ER
  • 24x Boeing 747-800
  • 35x Boeing 777-300ER
  • 109x Boeing 787 Dreamliners
  • 2x Airbus A380
  • 55x Airbus A320
  • 21x Airbus A319
  • 36x Airbus A318

[edit] A Review from WORLD Magazine

As I walked into the renovated terminal at New Hong, bound for a flight to the Typophilean capital of Garamond, I was amazed by the cleanliness and maintained interior as I approached the Delta check-in counter. The staff at the counter were well trained and were very hospitable as they checked in my luggage. However being over the weight limit, I was forced to hand over 50 Rois just for a ridiculous 5 pounds over the regulated weight.

Since I am a member of the OneWorld airline alliance, I was able to spend some time inside the Red Carpet Club. The interior was extremely in good taste and made a frequent traveler like myself at home. The club had a private bar, up-to-date magazines and newspapers, wireless internet connections and a business center so I could work on my articles before boarding the plane. However it should be noted that while the staff at the club are hospitable, they are not the most helpful since I asked them where my gate was and they sent me in the completely wrong direction, almost making me miss my flight.

For this review, I was lucky to grab a first class seat while they were available because I normally travel economy. Before take-off, our section’s crewmembers offered us beverages like most airlines and began small talk with the fellow passengers. This type of crew-passenger relationship is not seen anywhere else. After giving us a drink, they went up to their station and began memorizing everyone’s name, another special connection between passenger and attendant.

Being in First Class on Delta Air Lines was quite enjoyable. Just after the seatbelt sign was turned off, the crewmembers started asking people what they wanted for the complementary meal, which for this flight was dinner. They had several choices and they always have a pasta dish, two salads, a meat dish and a fish dish. This evening’s meal choices where: Grilled Flat Iron Steak, Mushroom Sage Sauce, Potato Gnocchis, spinach, yellow squash, and red onion; Eggplant Ravioli with Pomodoro Sauce, Radicchio, corn, Feta cheese and Grilled Shrimp; Pan Seared Grouper with ginger herb sauce, medley of snow peas, bean sprouts, edamame, and jasmine rice and Seared Turbot, Lobster/Dill Sauce, Lemon Basmati Rice, and asparagus. Overall the food was good except I do suggest not having the fish since it did not appear to be cooked properly before being loaded onboard.

The in-flight entertainment system has finally been converted from the overhead television screens to mini-screens at every seat but this is only one of the nice additions to the programming. To compete with other airlines, Delta has made it standard on all its medium and long-haul aircraft to be installed with Live Television, giving passengers in all classes a wide range of shows to watch at their leisure. XM radio is also onboard, adding more options. This new and improved entertainment system impressed me very much since the last time I flew the airline over a decade ago. It should be noted that since the television is live, there is the tendency to lose signal frequency when turbulence occurs, however this rarely happens. The airline also plays major films on all flights over an hour and a half long in duration. These films attempt to cover as many genres as possible for as many age groups as possible but in First Class, passengers are given a wide range that they can watch on their personal entertainment system. This is also true for economy class passengers except that they are very limited.

The attendants onboard were attentive to every need and when I need a drink, I didn't even have to ask but she knew I wanted it and gave it to me. The attendants had great personalities and charm and this made me more confortable for my upcoming meeting in Garamond. They made sure I was feeling good and when I did have the tendency to puke, they handed me a barf bag. The flight crew were good as the pilot was able to avoid much of the stormy weather that was forcasted and even let me spend a few minutes in the cockpit. Now that is service you don't get anywhere else. A small word on the bathrooms: the First Class lavatory is clean and quite decorated in Greco-Roman decor and didn't reek of bad-smelling people while the economy class lavatories: only use it if you really have to because their only marginal. However if you are flying economy on a really long flight then your bathrooms will be better.

When we arrived in Garamond, the crew thanked us as we taxied to the gate at Delta's terminal (Terminal 3) and shook our hands as we got off. I entered the terminal which has been really renvoated by the GAA in recent years. Signage inside the terminal was a little unclear because there almost no signs, however I did find the baggage claim. My luggage got off the plane a little under twenty minutes after arrival and for once all my luggage got here unlike the last time that two of them ended up in Patagon City.

Overall my travel experience on Delta was positive and I would rate this airline 4.5 stars (89%). While Delta has improved dramatically in the last decade, they still have some improvements to make before they are a perfect airline.

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